Commercial Loan Direct Reviews

Listed below are the most recent reviews Commercial Loan Direct has received. Commercial Loan Direct works hard to provide excellent customer service and an easy streamlined lending process.

"Commercial Loan Direct did a great job finding a loan for my property. My loan officers were professional and very responsive."

-Edward L.

"Commercial loan Direct provided me a great rate and excellent terms for my hotel."

-Samuel R.

"I was unable to finance my hotel through my local banks. It wasn't until I found Commercial Loan Direct that I was able to finance my property. I highly recomend CLD."

-Aditya P.

"Commercial Loan Direct was able to work with the banks so I didn't have to. The process is completely streamlined. Commercial Loan Direct took care of everything."

-Lawrence S.

"Commercial Loan Direct provided me with the most competitive rates. The staff is friendly and I couldn't think about going with anyone else."

-Bill U.

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